About Wedgwood Meaningful Movies


Wedgwood Meaningful Movies was formed in 2013 by members of the Wedgwood Justice and Peace Coalition – A coalition of justice and peace groups from three local churches and Occupy Northeast Seattle. Our goal was to provide a way for neighbors in Wedgwood and the surrounding area to meet, learn and have discussions on the social justice issues of our day. We established ourselves as a local group of the Meaningful Movies Project that began in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. We adhere to a set of shared principles as part of the Meaningful Movies Project.

The Meaningful Movies Project is a non-profit organization that helps neighborhoods, groups and individuals organize, educate and advocate using the power of social justice documentary film and conversation to build positive and meaningful community.  It is the organizing arm of the Meaningful Movies Network, facilitating communications and providing resources and support.

Wedgwood Meaningful Movies had our first documentary and discussion in January of 2014 and have had a documentary/discussion on the second Friday of every month since then.

We choose our films using these five criteria:
1. Timely – We generally choose documentaries released within the past five years.
2. Relevant – Documentaries whose topic is a current social justice concern.
3. Credible – The topic was reasonably well researched by the producer.
4. Actionable – Courses of action can be taken to address the topic of the documentary.
5. Affordable – We rely solely on donations to pay for the screening rights of the documentaries.

Please join us for an evening of positive, meaningful conversation and meet others with shared interests and concerns.